Nine Banded Whiskey is named after the nine-banded armadillo, a nocturnal roamer that symbolizes the soulful spirit that defines this eclectic city.


There is something so incredibly unique about the way the people of Austin come together - The rednecks, the hippies, the hipsters, the makers, the musicians, the businessmen, and everyone in between.


It is truly a city that is one-of-a-kind.

This culture came from the 1970’s music scene in Austin, Texas.

It became the place where you can be anybody you want to be.

This is the way that we still know it today.

The 1970’s music scene in Austin stemmed from the world famous venue that brought people in from all walks of life, The Armadillo World Headquarters.


Everyone from Janis Joplin to Waylon Jennings, ACDC & Journey played at the armadillo back in the day.

The years of the Armadillo World Headquarters brought a deep sense of electricity, freedom, and acceptance to the live music capital of the world. 


Cheers to keeping that feeling alive.

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